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It's never been easier
to get your regional newspaper online

We understand the value of local newspapers in regional Australia.

The local paper is the life blood for many country towns, and whilst their city counterparts have seen decline regional papers providing local news, sport and stories have never been more important. Independent newspapers have an important role in providing diversity in media, and are often the only source of truly local grass roots stories in regional Australia.

If you're a Regional Publisher and are looking to refresh your website, or start your digital news journey, then a Potent newspaper website will make the process a lot easier.

New to online news? No problems, we take care of the entire process.

If you have no online news, or a site that needs to be refreshed, that’s OK - we can help. We partner with great independent local newspaper businesses across Australia. We let you continue to report on your all-important local stories while we do the digital magic (development, training & ongoing support).

Our newspaper business partners will testify,

  • you don’t have to transform your business
  • you won’t be left to do it yourself, we partner with you ongoing
  • you don’t have to become digital experts overnight
  • you will have an online arm to your business that generates revenue (even if you’re a free paper!)

From $9850 setup +$495 p/m

We’re a small business too.
We understand how to keep things simple so your valuable time is spent publishing your local news, sport & stories not managing the technology.

Never heard of Potent?

We’re not offended, that comes with being a challenger business. The good news is this means we have to deliver better service than the ‘go to guys’. The better news is that you will know someone in the industry that does know about Potent. Ask around, our reputation is our best salesperson. Potent was established in 2003 - focusing on making online success simple.

Excellent look and feel of the site. Thanks to you and pass on our thanks to your team who put in an extra special effort. I know I pushed but the result was worthy of your efforts. Thanks and regards,

Andrew Stewart

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