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David Galeano

Online Marketing Consultant

David is part of our website sales team, spending his time speaking with clients and developing marketing plans for their businesses.

He is a hard-working member of our Potent team and incredibly proud of the marketing success he has achieved for his many clients over the past 20 years.

David values honesty in all areas - at home, in day-to-day life and at work, offering family, friends and clients an honest perspective on what's required to be successful in life or business.

When he isn’t working hard for our clients, he is a proud husband to his lovely wife Amanda, father to 6 great kids and their partners, and a grandpa to 5 munchkins. He is passionate about sports, socialising, and adventure and most Importantly finds helping others fulfilling. His dogs Hamish and Frankie keep him entertained and laughing with their crazy behaviour!


Lukas White

Digital Strategist

Lukas is our digital strategist, managing online marketing solutions for small businesses to get the most out of their business and marketing endeavours.

Potent will turn 20 years old in 2023 and we now support around 500 businesses online. He is incredibly proud that as a team, we know each of our clients personally and continue to maintain beneficial relationships through the ups and downs of business, striving for continual improvement.

Lukas and the team value the effort entrepreneurs, and Mums & Dads put into their small businesses and really enjoy working alongside them to help grow their business. If we weren’t building websites, we’d be doing ‘something’ in the business consulting space to help see more great businesses realise that greatness.

When he’s not hard at work, he is a community focussed, family man who is married with 2 young daughters and loves doing things as a family. Both of his daughters keep Lukas and his wife in stitches at the dinner table each night with their witty banter. He also enjoys Hiking and road tripping, visiting new parts of regional Australia and finding great dining experiences from all culinary backgrounds.


Ariel (Ari) Kurilowicz

After Care Content Manager

Ari is integral to the ongoing success of the Your Local Business Guide projects.

He manages advertisements, reviews and listings for business guides from Cairns to Maryborough, Murrindindi to Gilgandra, the Riverland to the Atherton Tablelands - across four states and multiple staff members.

Ari began working with Potent after retiring from twenty years of church ministry. His eclectic career (also featuring waitering, carpet cleaning, aged care, and army reserves) reflects his willingness to work as part of a team and to have a flexible mindset. He recently summed up how his faith values impact his work: “As a Christian, I believe every person matters and deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. This means I try to treat people the way I’d like people to treat me.”

Ari enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids: 3 girls and a boy. They watch Star Wars movies, play Lego, and connect with their local church. Ari is famous for loving really good “dad jokes” (is there such a thing?) and laughing at TV shows that have physical comedy and British wit.


Micah Henshaw

Lead Developer

Micah works with coding, development of internal products and helping to manage our new projects to ensure targets are met.

One of his proudest professional achievements was working with the team to build well over the record number of websites in a single year, as it was a testament to the team’s capabilities as a whole and he was incredibly proud to be a part of the excitement and success.

Micah values excellence, and strives to do the best he can in the work he does and works hard to deliver the best results, and something he believes the Potent team achieve as a whole.

During his down time Micah enjoys playing team sports, including Indoor Cricket, Dodgeball and Netball, and he also really enjoys a good dad joke or pun, especially if he’s the one telling it!


Andrew Watson

Graphic Designer

With an eye for detail and a passion for excellence, Andrew is responsible for all the creative elements in the business.

From digital design to packaging, publications to print collateral and anything to do with brands, the visual expertise comes from this long-time Potent team member. Just as Potent was getting started, Andrew chose to leave a successful city agency and contribute to growing the company from the very foundation. With similar values to the other senior colleagues, he contributes to the cohesive nature of the Potent Team.

Andrew has been very fortunate over the years to work alongside many talented creative minds in the advertising and design industry. Through that experience he has developed a strong work ethic in creating stand-out and beautiful designs that are bang on to each client’s briefs and expectations.

A Wyndham local, Andrew and his wife have two beautiful teenage girls. There is a lot of dinner table hilarity due to a keen sense of humour running through the family. Much of Andrew’s home life is dedicated to his two charming Jack Russells. He has a passion for cars, especially old Fords, and can never have too many tinkering jobs on the go. When he’s not at work, he’s often camping with old school mates, reminiscing and having a good laugh.


Lisa Mcdonald


Lisa is our copywriter and also works on our client’s social media accounts.

Lisa really enjoys the work she does and is quite proud when she sees her content and hard work displayed on client’s websites, knowing she has done her very best to not only make the client happy but also showing their business in the best light.

She strongly values integrity, accountability, honesty & communication and believes it’s important to stand by commitments made to your clients and colleagues and hold yourself accountable to these, as they always lead to the best outcomes for everyone.

When she is not busy writing, Lisa loves spending time with her 3 kids, heading to the beach, spending time with friends, bingeing on Netflix or enjoying a yummy brunch. As a natural born comedian, her youngest always keeps her laughing and entertained!


Rebecca Stewart


Writing engaging content for small business websites is Rebecca’s contribution to the Potent team.

With a portfolio career spanning motherhood, home education, piano teaching and publishing, Rebecca is the author of nine books. She spots grammatical errors a mile away and is forever removing apostrophes or altering the position of adverbs.

Rebecca began copywriting for Potent after Lukas and Lindsay got tired of her sending them corrections. From hairdressers to accountants, concrete tippers to wedding venues, Rebecca creates content that clearly demonstrates the strengths of the business; she says that effective writing is similar to composing music to which people will respond. Additionally, as a small business owner for several decades, she understands the importance of communicating successfully with consumers.

Rebecca loves board games. Her husband does not, but they have four children so usually someone can be persuaded to play. Recently she became a dog person as well as a cat person, and her sore muscles scream that she has taken up cycling to encourage her kids to try new things, be resilient, and get outside. At every opportunity, her husband and offspring make her laugh, as they are all witty and imaginative.


Lindsay Stewart

Product Developer

Lindsay is co-owner and founder of Potent, holding a Masters Degree in Computing.

As a product developer, he creates efficient systems for clients on the glamorous back-end of their websites, preventing errors and promoting productivity. Working closely with Lukas White his business partner, Lindsay enjoys bringing solutions for the success of smart-thinking, hard-working small business owners, for whom they have a great deal of respect. Both Lukas and Lindsay eagerly support their employees and team members to thrive in their roles at work.

Now living in Far South Coast NSW, Lindsay started working remotely before it was fashionable. On weekends he swaps the info tech for agri-tech, hopping in the tractor to mow his 70 acres of farmland. For more than half his life he has been married to his sweet wife Bec. They have four children who have inherited Lindsay's sense of humour and Bec's sense of musical pitch. More recently, Lindsay is getting worn out by training his energetic Border Collie cross Poodle, Willow, who became an inside dog within ten minutes of arriving at his house.


Darise Villareal

Website Developer

Darise is one of our website developers, building and maintaining great websites for our clients.

He is most proud of his ability to manage multiple projects at any one time, which varies from previous roles where he would manage one long-term project at a time, as it diversifies and improves on his own knowledge and provides him with the opportunity to grow faster professionally.

Darise works hard to learn and to explore new things and by crafting those, he is able to contribute and improve the system we are working on as a team.

When he is not hard at work, he loves to play basketball and billiards. He is also a sneakerhead, a financial advisor and loves HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother), his all-time favourite sitcom, which always keeps him laughing no matter how many times he watches it!


Ben King

Website Developer

Ben is one of our web developers, always working hard to maintain and develop great websites for our clients.

He thoroughly enjoys his work here at Potent, in particular creating many different websites and working with a variety of people. He places great value on the team environment and the opportunities his work creates, sharing ideas and creating websites our clients love.

Outside of work, Ben focuses on family, friends, online gaming and movies and also has a strong focus on working hard to improve himself in all areas of his life.

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