If your website is great but you need more visitors, you need Ads at the top of Google

Google Advertising in 2022 is what the Yellow Pages was in the 80s. It takes your passive ‘build it and they will come’ website into a proactive ‘go getter’. Google Ads funnels more people looking for your goods and services direct to your site.

This type of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the best way to supercharge a good website that converts visitors into clients. It is a no brainier addon for a great website that is giving a measurable return on investment. The insights you gain will also help you improve your business and all of your other advertising efforts.

Potent uses (pay-per-click) campaigns predominantly via Google Ads to advertise your website against the key words & phrases your clients are interested in, on the first page of Search Results.

This service helps capture people in your service area, who are already searching for your products & services, right when they’re interested, and lands them on the most relevant page on your website to convert them into enquiries. Our strategies are designed around conversions. Our measure of success is not just how many people see your ad, or even click through to your site, but how many take the next step and enquire.

Coupled with good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and a website that works, Google Advertising is an investment that quickly builds its own business case.


Potent is an official Google Partner, certified in Google Adwords.

Fixed costs for our management 

Our Google Advertising management fees are locked per campaign. This way we have integrity when advising you if you should invest more into Google clicks, as our fees don’t change. Our fixed management fees are $275 p/m (inc GST), for your first Ads campaign. We would suggest a minimum initial Google click budget of $275 p/m (inc GST). This click budget is flexible and can be increased if performing well, or for seasonally over the year. 

Why an annual commitment 

Whilst there are no lock-in contracts it normally takes time to establish a campaign, as Google's AI (artificial intelligence) beds in bid pricing for your keywords. So in a 12 month campaign the first 3 months are slower whilst the campaign is building but the last 3 months make up for it when the campaign is in full swing. Google also rewards longevity, so over time your spend will go further as the campaign matures. This is why we do not recommend starting and stopping your campaign but instead adjusting your spend for seasonality. 

From $6600 p/a (12 instalments of $550)

Ready to turn your website into a “go getter”? 

To get more traffic looking for your goods & services onto your site and convert more visitors into clients, Google Adwords is your measurable and effective option. 

If you’re ready, please get in touch we’d love to meet you face to face and chat about your business, and how we can help Google Ads to drive new customers to your website. 

We are very happy with the service and the team at Potent Web. Our website development and management has been instrumental in gaining customers and growing our business. 

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