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Harness the power of Social Media for your business

Australians are a social bunch:

  • Facebook - 15+ million active monthly users

  • Instagram - 9+ million active monthly users

  • LinkedIn - 5+ million active monthly users

  • Twitter - 5+ million active monthly users


Like it, love it, hate it… social media is now a part of most people’s everyday life and you can use it to educate prospective customers about your goods and services.

If you’re not a ‘social media’ native then learning how to promote your business effectively can be daunting and time consuming. You need to know what images to post, what content to post on what platforms, how frequently to post, what to hashtag and when to do all these things so they actually work.

If you are across all of this, that’s great. However the key to social media success is consistency and Social Media management is time consuming. So you still might like to outsource to free up your time.

Like a lot of things, you need to have a plan, execute it well, review results, adjust the plan, and most of all be consistent. One post a week for 8 weeks is better than one post a day for eight days and then nothing for 7 weeks.

Not all social media is equal

Every business has its own ‘voice’. It is the tone and style used to explain its point of difference, goods, and services. Your industry and voice will determine the best social media platforms to reach your ideal customers.

Having the right posts, on the right platforms, displaying at the right time, to your ideal customers, using your unique voice will supercharge your social media impact. All of these elements will become part of your Social Media Strategy.

Need a social media manager?

If your social media is staggered with long gaps in your posts. Or there’s a bit of confusion about what you should be posting on your personal vs business page. Or if you’re not sure what platforms you should be using for your business. Or you’ve never had time to look at any of the above… you need a social media manager.

A social media manager will help develop your social media strategy, plan and create your posts, find and use your original images, but most importantly make sure it happens week in and week out.

From $660 p/m

If you are looking for a cohesive social media plan that compliments your over-arching digital strategy, then please get in touch, we’d love to have a chat about how we can help your business.

Not a Potent customer?

This service can be managed independent of other services. We have no lock in contracts so if you’d like to meet to discuss your social media and start proactively managing it, please get in touch.

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