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Reviews + Reputation Management

A good rep is hard won, and can be easily lost!

In this era where every customers’ opinion is broadcasted on the first page of Google, Facebook, and a host of other review websites… it is increasingly important to manage our online reputation. You want to encourage your fans to be public in their praise, and give your detractors a way to provide constructive direct feedback privately.

We all, as small businesses looking to make our mark, face the certainty of our reputation proceeding us… this is both our strength and our vulnerability.

The age of the empowered consumer is here, and managing your Brand has to evolve. The customer experience influences a brand’s reputation more than ever before. Our businesses have always been defined by what people say about us - the difference is they now have a global platform to shout from.

We are very pleased to now be able to offer:

• Reputation management

• Review Acquisition

• Website integration  

• Review management

• Reporting

• Funnelled +ve vs. –ve reviews

Review management

Why are Good Reviews so important… do I really need a reputation strategy?

  • 90% of consumers reportedly read online reviews before choosing a business to buy from. 72% admit to trusting them as much as recommendations from family or friends.
  • We understand, unprompted, consumers will tell twice as many people about their Negative experience as their Positive ones.
  • 4 out of 5 consumers reverse their purchase decision based on negative online reviews.

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. Benjamin Franklin

Bad Reviews happen…

We have all had customers that are completely unreasonable, and no matter how accommodating we are they are ready to tell anyone who will listen of their negative experience. If we are not actively encouraging our happy customers to speak out, we are leaving our reputation vulnerable to these off the wall screamers. A dozen 1 star reviews when you have twenty 4 & 5 stars will slow any prospective customer. But a dozen in a host of two hundred… well, then they just look like outliers.

We need to make Good Reviews happen…

Potent REP, is reputation management where we monitor & respond to online reviews. It also provides a proven review acquisition process and displays your good reviews front & centre for everyone to see. It funnels positive reviews into public praise and diverts negative reviews toward private complaint. Fully integrated with your website, and linked to Google My Business, Facebook and more, your great reviews will help you build an ever improving online reputation.

Available at two management levels

If you have a great flood of reviews and good internal processes to keep building on them, then the Standard Reputation Management, which is more self-managed, is a good fit for you to let your happy customers talk to new customers.

$110 p/m Standard Management

However, most of our clients are still at the early stages. They would prefer a more comprehensive where the process of acquiring more positive reviews. Our Premium Reputation Management is, for that reason, our more popular service.

$195 p/m Premium Management  

If you’re ready, please get in touch we’d love to meet you face to face and chat about your business, and how we can help build and protect your reputation online.

Not a Potent customer?

This service can be added to any website, so if you’re happy with your current website provider that’s ok, we can liaise with them to include the code in your existing website. We have no lock in contracts so if you’d like to meet to discuss your online reputation and start proactively managing it, just get in touch.

I felt that my questions were given a very in depth answer to which helped me to understand the problem. Very professional and always so quick to respond. I am glad we are with Potent.

Christine Roeger - Seacombe House

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