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* If this guarantee sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it absolutely is.
No reputable marketers will ever guarantee you will be #1 on Google, and neither will we!

SEO - the art of being found for what you do

If you've ever asked the question "where am I on Google?" you are interested in - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Potent SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an add-on service for our clients who want to get more out of their website with organic (un-paid) search engine results

In website terms SEO is the supercharger that takes all of the great content of the website and leverages it to get you more visitors who are looking for what you do. It gets them to your site and encourages them to pick up the phone (or email, or Facebook, or drop by in person). 

Google continually evolves to better deliver against its 'reason for being': to connect people interested in 'something' with 'someone' who provide that exact 'something'. SEO is all about helping Google understand exactly what something you provide so it can offer it to everybody it knows who’s interested in that something. 

Effective SEO connects your website with the growing number of people searching online for your goods or service.

Why are our SEO services priced cheaper than our competitors? 

We do what matters. 

In the 1750s there was a Swedish scientist by the name of Karl Scheele. Scheele made many significant contributions to the young science of chemistry but picked up a strange habit along the way. Scheele insisted on tasting a little bit of everything he worked with. 

Predictably, one day he was found deceased at his workbench surrounded by deadly chemicals. Even though Scheele only would taste a tiny amount of any chemical sometimes those are so potent they have a huge effect. 

This is similar to how we designed Potent SEO. It is not an exhaustive list of SEO activities, it simply covers the techniques which we've found have the most potently positive effect on websites. 

Available at three investment levels

All Potent websites are already built with Google’s best practice in mind, Potent SEO is an optional add-on:

Our Structural SEO addresses keyword utilisation within the site structure for  search engine optimisation, reviewed quarterly as part of an annual program. 

  • Analytics + Keyword research

  • URL structure + Window title

  • Minified HTML code

  • Google structured data

  • Content Delivery Network

  • XML Sitemap

$275 p/m Structural SEO

Our Advanced SEO includes the features of Structural SEO, plus the below additional services. Reviewed quarterly as part of an annual program, with a quarterly discussion with our digital strategist around your key objectives.

  • Content optimisation, managing the website text for ongoing improvement against keywords and phrases.

  • Page speed testing + alterations 

  • Managed Metadata Descriptions

$750 p/m Advanced SEO

Our Premium SEO includes all of the structural and advanced search engine optimisation features, plus the below features. Reviewed monthly as part of annual program with monthly discussions with our digital strategist.

  • Digital Strategy Management

  • Content Creation for your website, including Blog articles and provision of Social / Newsletter teasers.

  • User Experience (UX) optimisation, tracking users’ mouse activity, and adjusting the website based on on-site activity.

$1950 p/m Premium SEO

Is it time to make Google start working for you? 

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services will cover the key SEO improvements for your website to be recognised increasingly better with Google. With no setup fee, an Australian team, no contracts and an assurance of using Good SEO (known as white hat) techniques adding SEO to your Potent website is simple and easy. 

If you’re ready, please get in touch we’d love to meet you face to face and chat about your business, and how we can help Google love your website. 

Not a Potent customer? 

Sorry, this service is exclusive to Potent websites. Our websites are already built with Google’s best practice in mind, Potent SEO is an optional add-on for those clients in increasingly competitive categories or those looking to get that extra return on their initial investment. 

Very professional and easy to deal with. 10/10 

Tim Lowe - Lowes Auto Repairs, Diesel & 4x4 

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