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Your best chance at a great first impression

How people see you and your business is very important. How they feel when they see your brand in the marketplace can make the difference between them wanting to know more or active avoidance.

Developing business logos are often the most time-consuming aspect of any brand and rebranding process. It takes time to unearth that image or font that truly speaks to what makes you unique and has the strongest appeal to your prospective customers. Developing a logo that makes a promise (which you then deliver) is time and energy well spent.

Brand livery for your business cards, letterhead, social media and website design then overflows from your logo and colours.

It’s got that certain something

Branding is not objective; your brand and how people see it is subjective. People don’t know a brand, they feelit. So the question becomes, how does your brand make your customers feel?

With every branding revision we take the time to understand who you are, what you want to project, and how you want people to see you. We do this simply to make sure that everything we produce matches closely with what you want to achieve in your business.

By matching design with your objectives we avoid simply mimicking the latest fad. We don't want you to end up looking like everyone else that has mindlessly jumped on whatever is cool this month.

It’s not about awards and accolades

Ensuring your branding fits your business, and reaches your customer base is our only concern. Our desire for creating innovative market leading designs comes from a desire to help your business win. We are not out to win an award or express ourselves artistically. Successful design gets beyond looking good and allows you to achieve something tangible.

We recognise that the ultimate award is a brand that sets up your business for success. 

From $990 Logo Design

$120 p/hr Adhoc Graphic Design

Let’s get creative

If your brand is in need of a revision, we’d love to have a conversation to help you take the next step to a brand that is perfectly you. Branding success is not accidental it's designed.

If you’re ready, please get in touch we’d love to meet you face to face and chat about your business branding.

The team at Potent are very supportive and responsive. They understand business demands and solve any problems quickly and accurately with a high commitment to excellent service. I highly recommend Potent!

Robert Mackinnon - Virtuity Consulting

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