Digital Strategy Development

As small business owners we understand we need a plan.

Bringing all of your online marketing together into a cohesive digital strategy makes sense. It enables you to drive your business forward with confidence. The strategy also produces a clear and compelling message that your customers will understand and be attracted to.

Like any strategy session we start with a face to face meeting. We need to truly understand your business and how it is unique and different to be able to win in your chosen marketplace.

We discuss your business goals for the year ahead, and how these goals can be supported through digital activity. In doing so we consider your competitors and their digital activity, and what customers are looking for. We discuss what online marketing strategies best align with your direction and how and when they can be implemented.

Good Planning without good working is nothing. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Since our business focus is to provide ongoing support, we don’t dump you with just a plan. Without working the plan, the strategy won’t work for you. We document a timeline of activity and responsibilities that will be revisited quarterly. We also review your online marketing’s performance against the established goals. By reviewing and adjusting the strategy we’re always planning ahead and staying focussed on the most important digital marketing to produce business results.

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. Winston Churchill

Don’t start at the end, consider everything.

A good digital strategy needs to consider all of the digital marketing opportunities, and assess them against their effectiveness at achieving your business goals. A successful strategy will ensure a continuous return on your investment which will enable continuous reinvestment to build your business.

A digital strategy is then the sum of a number of underpinning strategies:

  • Your USP (unique selling proposition)

  • Your customer experience, or retention, strategy

  • Your customer acquisition strategy

  • Your branding strategy

  • Online content strategy

  • SEO and Google Ads strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Communications strategy

This way of thinking is a far cry from the digital strategy of “we have a website, job done”.

Is this a good fit for you?

If you are both excited and a little daunted, then that’s probably a good sign. We are excited to work alongside passionate small business owners and entrepreneurs and get “under the hood” of their businesses. We’re also happy to meet and discuss all of the above and get to know you before you commit to anything. If you walk away better informed to make decisions for your business then that’s a win.

If you’re ready, please get in touch we’d love to meet you face to face and chat about your business, and how we can support you online.

$1800 p/a (4 instalments of $450) 

So far the experience has been exactly what I expected - which was a great understanding of what my requirements are, what was actually required and how it was going to be provided. I would recommend Potent to anyone who require a website that meets all their needs and requirements.

Craig Emery – CJC Consulting

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