Cricket Willow & Jabaroo

Cricket Willow outside of Daylesford, Victoria is the only facility in the world where visitors can witness the fascinating process of cricket bat manufacture from start to finish. Willow trees for cricket bats have been growing at Shepherds Flat for over a century. As a tribute to this unique part of Australian history, the Tinetti family founded Cricket Willow.

Whether you're there for a game of cricket or for a meal or function at the Stumps Cafe, looking for Accomodation or for a Tour of the property Cricket Willow offers a uniquely Australian experience.

Whilst there's a lot of heritage at Cricket Willow, today it continues to produce traditionally hand-crafted Cricket Bats from the finest willow all on the property. The Jabaroo Cricket brand is the name the Tinetti family now use for their exclusive cricket equipment.

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