Why you need to update your copy.

If you've got a website for your business,
then you've probably heard more than a passing reference to SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is the answer to the question "How do I get to number 1 on Google?"  (You can read more about SEO techniques in our white paper "How to get Google to love your website.")

There are many, many blogs and social media sites talking about the multitude of ways you can SEO your site.

Generally, they talk about bad or questionable techniques known as "black hat" or good, honest techniques known as "white hat".

You can probably guess that using a "black hat" technique will eventually give you a bad reputation with Google, who will then stop sending people to your website.

So...let's focus on good SEO techniques.

It's generally agreed by the experts that the best, most consistent and useful technique is simply having good, fresh content.

In fact, Google's own webmaster blog lists original, expert and interesting content as some of the main indicators in deciding what is a high quality site.

And updating that content regularly will boost your organic search engine rankings.

But! We stress that this must be original content – plagiarism, or copy taken from other websites and plonked into your own, is a "black hat" SEO technique.

Not only does freshly added original content keep your intended audience coming back for more, there is nothing more off-putting to a consumer than seeing outdated copy. Ask yourself, have you ever left a website because the home page copy said something like "Coming soon in November 2006, our new shipment of..."?

Old, tired copy gives the impression that the business owner doesn't care about their most valuable marketing tool – their website – and therefore they probably don't care much about their consumer either.

Adding more content to your website, also gives you an opportunity to create internal links within your website, another "white hat" SEO technique. For example, you might add a page about a new product but have a link from your home page saying "find our exciting new product here!"

Creating these internal links using sought after keywords further helps Google and other search engines know what your website is about, therefore connecting it with the right searchers.

So now you're probably thinking "Argh! Now I have to find time to update my website content!"

Yes.  But, don't panic.

Content updates might be once a week or once a month – you really don't need to be putting aside masses of time to do this.

It's more important to become – and remain – familiar with how to update your website and we're very happy to help you as part of your website package with us.

After all, if you're confident with process of adding content to your website, you're more likely to do it...and perhaps even enjoy it!

Thinking you just don't have time? Easy...that's where a copywriter becomes a valuable part of your team.

Potent copy can assist in writing all of the content which your business uses to communicate with your customers.