About our service

Have you ever wondered where your next job is going to come from? Have you ever looked over your (too short!) file of leads and felt a little down? Perhaps you’ve tried some advertising in the past and you have an uneasy feeling that it was a waste of money.

We think your website has the potential to change all that. Your website should:

  • Free you from the grind of finding new prospects.
  • Qualify new leads so you don’t waste time talking to “tyre-kickers”.
  • Ultimately let you pick and choose your jobs so you only need to work on those you find interesting.

Think of what such a website would mean for you, your income and your family. A website like that would give you a new sense of confidence and control over your future.

Websites that Work

To make this happen, we concentrate on making your website work. While we do develop sites, our primary focus is working with you to make sure your website delivers a profit.

Many other web developers and graphic designers consider their job done once your website is built. While building a website is an important part of the process, any profit can only come after the launch. It’s like constructing a family home; getting the build right is important but the real joy comes from actually living in it. That’s why we think the most important part of our job really comes after your website is launched.

We provide ongoing measurement and advice, training and support to make sure that your website works for your business.

Peace of mind

We are confident in our ability to deliver you an effective website. If you are not happy with the design of your website we offer a 100% money back guarantee (see "Our Guarantee"). We also do not lock you in with ongoing contracts. We only want you to stay if you are completely happy with our results. You are free to leave at any time. We do not use any proprietary software and all files needed to move your website elsewhere can be supplied on request.

Our service will not suit everyone.

Do you want a website that is just built then left alone? That’s not us. A website that is not actively maintained will not provide the best return possible. For this reason we will not just build a website and leave it. We cannot, in good conscience, build these kinds of sites.

Do you want a bargain basement website? That’s not us. We work hard with our clients to make sure their websites provide a return to the business. Many people are able to build websites cheaper since they do not make this kind of commitment.

Do you have an unsuccessful business and want to try an online solution? It is a common myth that a website will somehow magically turn an unsuccessful business into a successful one. If you’ve got a product or service that has poor demand then a website in itself isn’t going to change that.