Our DMI Process

We believe that most websites that fail to make a return for the business do so because of three main factors:

  • Websites are developed with the wrong objectives in mind
  • The results are not measured sufficiently
  • Content is not changed appropriately

To overcome these major problems in web development and to make sure
your website is truly effective we go through our DMI process:

1. Develop

2. Measure

3. Improve (repeating steps 1 -3)



Development consists of discovering the website’s objectives and developing strategies to reach them. Website features are then put in place to achieve those objectives.

Lacking an objective that defines what the [website] must do, individuals may increase input and become busily engaged in useless motions producing enormous activity to accomplish nothing.
Laurence J. Peter, The Peter Prescription

Setting the website objectives is the vital first step in working out how the website is actually going to make your business money. If making money is the general goal then the website objectives are the sub-goals. Without clear objectives it is impossible to know if the website is successful or not.

At all times the website must be related back to the objectives. If part of the website is not working towards an objective then it is a waste of time and money. Particular strategies then can be developed to address each objective.

Once an objective has been set we then work to create ways that that objective can be acheived online.

My advice is to only take advice from someone who has a proven track record online. A great idea for small business owners is to hire a proven consultant to run the online marketing. It takes all your energy to run a small business - I know, I run one. You don’t have time to keep up with all the available online tools.

Strategies can come from many different places:

  • Experience. Our experience in what has worked for other clients in similar situations can really save you lots of wasted time and effort. We've seen what works and what doesn't. We can also stay much more current with tools and techniques that are available on the rapidly changing Internet. All this frees up time to concentrate on your own business.
  • What's working for you. If you have promotions that work for you offline then we can help adapt them to work online.
  • What is your competition doing? By studying your competition we can "read between the lines" to figure out what is working for them. (Why not benefit from the hard work and experience of your competitors?)
  • Who is your ideal client? A study of websites that are successfully catering to your ideal client can help give you a competitive edge.
  • What's in it for me? Why should someone buy from you over someone else? Your website needs to communicate the key benefits of your service to your visitors.
    Being able to explain your Unique Selling Propositio Unique Selling Proposition (USP)n is what will help people identify with you and find you online.


Detailed statistics are collected about each visitor that comes to your website. How long did they read for? What pages did they click to? What did they type into a search engine to find you?

This information is the difference between hope and knowledge. If you don't know what actually happened on your website you can only really hope it is working for you.
By looking at the reality in our regular Performance Reporting you can know just how effective your website is.

Our formal reporting system filters through the myriad of statistics collected and we draw out meaning and action points for the site in our commentary.


By studying what actually happened on your website you can gain valuable insight into what your potential customers are thinking. Based on this knowledge the website objectives can be revisited and strategies re-assessed.

  • Do they need to be more ambitious?
  • Are the objectives still correct?
  • Are there potentially more profitable goals that can be set?

Remember that the people you address are selfish, as we all are. They care nothing about your interest or profit. They seek service for themselves. Ignoring this fact is a common mistake and a costly mistake in advertising.
Claude C Hopkins , Scientific Advertising

The refined objectives and visitor analysis can then be fed back into your website to make it work better for your business (taking our process back to development). Weaknesses can be eliminated and strengths can be diversified.

Again, the results are measured and the process of improvement continues on. This process occurs many times in the life of one of our websites.

A welcomed side effect

The market intelligence gathered through the website's performance can help to not just refine the site's objectives but can be used to refine overall business objectives, uncover market opportunities and assist with keeping your business in tune with your prospective consumers.

The final result? - a website that works

The result of this process is a website that provides a steady stream of prospects and income into your business. Your website runs 24/7 and takes away the stress and hard work of finding and qualifying leads.

Freed from worries about where the next payment or prospect is coming from, you may then focus on your goals around family, financial independence and personal freedom.