Why you need a CMS

A website can be powerful tool for a business but the website must be kept relevant and up to date
(read why)
. It is depressingly common to see obviously out-of-date information on sites, which reflects poorly on the site owners.

Some common reasons for sites to be left to gather dust:

  • Updates may be too hard. There are specialised skills needed to edit some websites and it just takes too long to learn everything that you need to know.
  • Websites may be too big. There are just too many pages to keep a track of and changes begin to take longer and longer - inevitably content is left unchanged and forgotten.
  • Changes may be too expensive. Buying specialised web-editing software or paying a web-technician to make changes for you, just becomes too expensive.

Content Management Software is designed to overcome these challenges and make it easy for you to manage your website. A CMS allows you to update, create and manipulate the text, pictures or other content on your site (without an IT degree). You input the content, words and pictures, and the CMS takes care of the rest.

Benefits of Using Content Management Software

  • It's faster
    Your information can be moved, duplicated, added, deleted, hidden, resized, converted and reorganised quickly online. Menus, vital to a usable website, are automatically updated. Footers and contact information can be quickly updated across the whole website.
  • A consistent look is enforced
    Traditional maintenance of websites can often result in a confused and “broken” website design. Potent Web uses a fixed design to ensure that any changes to the site are consistent to the specified design. This is especially relevant for websites where multiple users, each with their own ideas on appearance and presentation, are adding content to the website.
  • It's upgradeable
    CMS allows features to be easily added in the future. A "new look" can be swapped in later without needing to touch the content. Layouts tailored to particular devices, such as mobile phones or PDAs, can be added to your site, again without touching the content.
  • Removes the need to purchase specialised software
    The CMS provides everything that is needed to maintain the website. This removes the need to invest in additional software to create web pages and web graphics. CMS also provides a word-processor-like tool to add content which removes the need for specialised training and skills.
  • Reduces hidden costs
    A CMS-driven website might be more expensive to build initially but once you factor in the cost of your time, specialised software and/or paying for minor content edits, the CMS is an obvious winner.

What Content Management Software do we use?

Potent Web uses TYPO3 to underpin its managed content service.
TYPO3 is software widely used by governments, businesses and organisations
all over the world. It is actively used and improved by thousands of professional
web designers and developers globally.

To learn more about the highlights and features of TYPO3, feel free to visit their website.


Content Management Software removes much of the hassle around keeping your site up to date. We build all of our 10 page sites and up with CMS because this gives the most flexibility to our clients. Dynamic, complex and useful sites can be built to be robust and easily maintained with a minimum of fuss and best of all no additional expense.