The Potent SEO Process

The Potent SEO method consists of three broad areas:

  1. Content
  2. Measurement
  3. Site Edits

It is an ongoing process which you repeat as often as possible. I would suggest about every 3-6 months depending on how happy you are with your website’s performance.

If you’ve just created your site you’ll need to make sure that the search engines know about it. You can use the following links to submit your new site address.



Be warned that it may take some time for the site to show up but you can get started with the Potent SEO process in the meantime.


Avoid using those programs which submit to thousands of search engines. They are frowned upon by the search engines. You only really should bother with three listed above.

Download supporting worksheets for the process.

“Good HTML titles, good body copy, great content, ensuring that your site doesn’t have roadblocks to crawling – these have worked for nearly a decade.” – Danny Sullivan

When search engines dance

SEO can sometimes be a frustrating process because your ranking can sometimes jump around in what is affectionately known as the “Google dance”. Any of the following things can cause this dance:

  • Competitor activity. If a new competitor enters the market or an existing competitor’s website is improved this can cause the rankings to change.
  • Server performance. If your server is unavailable when Google visits, it can cause your rankings to be downgraded or even dropped. Hopefully this is only temporary.
  • Algorithm changes. The algorithm is the “brains” behind matching people’s searches to the content they are looking for. This is being constantly refined by Google and can cause rankings to jump around for a little while after it is introduced.
  • Site age. Newer sites can tend to drop back quicker than established sites. As your site hangs around a while this gradually becomes less of a factor.

You shouldn’t be discouraged by a temporary dip in your rankings. If you consistently work on your site you should see a general long term trend in the upwards direction. Potent Content