Accelerate your SEO

Local Search

You may have noticed that sometimes when you are searching Google includes a map in the search results.

While this is something that is not strictly related to your website you’ll want to make sure your business is included in these results.

The program is known as Google Places and you can find more information here:

Even if your business is already be listed in Google Places (sometimes it happens automatically) you can claim your listing and add further information to it.

What are meta-tags?

Before we finish up we probably should talk about meta-tags. Meta-tags are parts of the webpage which don’t display in your browser. They were originally conceived as a way to help search engines figure out what the page was about. Unfortunately, especially because they are invisible to the website user, they were abused and now search engines pretty much ignore them.

For some reason their legend lives on and I still come across people who are paying good money for “SEO” which consists only of adding useless meta-tags to their website. So avoid spending your money on this out of date and false “search engine optimisation”.

Having said that Google does VERY occasionally use the description meta-tag in its search results. So if you’ve completely run out of other things to do on your website then by all means add the meta-tag “descriptions” to your web pages. You want to make sure:

  • They are unique for every page
  • They are between 30-40 words

Accelerate your SEO with Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Before we finish up it is worth talking about the role of PPC advertising in SEO.

All of our efforts so far have been to improve what is called the organic ranking of your website. Organic ranking is not for sale, it appears on Google according to how relevant Google thinks it is. There is another way of getting your website on the front page of Google and that is to pay for it. The Google Adwords program allows you to pay money and your ad is listed down the right of the regular organic results. And sometimes if enough people are using the search term and clicking on your advert it appears above the organic results. The key to PPC is that you only pay for the ad if someone clicks on it and comes through to your website.

A well-executed PPC campaign gives you a lot more information around keywords and what messages your audience are responding to. It can bring results much more quickly than an SEO campaign, which cuts down the time and inefficiency of chasing down the wrong keywords and visitors.

We have experience in running Google Adwords campaigns which have benefited both local business and large companies with offices across the state. Lindsay Stewart (our PPC Campaigns Manager) has also achieved Google Adwords certification, and is therefore a Google Adwords Qualified Advertising Professional.

If you are interested in this please read more about Potent PPC.