Underlining the Pay per Click (PPC) Benefits

1. Pay ONLY for qualified leads interested in your services.

2. Place the adverts in front of people actively searching for your products/services.

3. Only advertise to the Suburbs / States you service.

4. Collect strong statistics (cost and conversion) to easily measure Return on Investment (ROI)

5. Improve Market Intelligence, through ongoing analysis of what people are searching for.

6. Create a strong feedback loop with the website, where the website content can be improved based on the Adwords campaign information and the Adwords campaign can be improved based on the Website Performance information.


Almost 85% of Internet users visit Google, with millions of searches made every day. When you use Google Adwords, you have the opportunity to capture any segment of that broad worldwide audience that's actively looking for products, services, information, and websites. You also can select a very specific segment to market to only pay for clients located close enough to use your services.