Potent PPC Reports

Potent reporting details exactly what is happening with your Google Adwords campaign. The report includes…

  • Performance of the Campaign

    • Click Through Rate (CTR) - How many times people clicked on your ads.
    • Impressions - The number of times adverts are shown on a Google Search page
    • Conversions - How many times someone clicked on your ad and then reached a goal on your website (eg. such as fill out an enquiry form).

  • Marketing Intelligence

    • Top keywords by impression - What the most popular searches are. (Especially useful for ongoing search engine optimisation)
    • Top keywords by CTR - The keywords with the top click through rates. This is good for figuring out what searches are most responsive to your adverts.
    • Top adverts - The adverts that are appealing most to users. (Again good for ongoing SEO and for using in your other advertising)

  • Detailing of account activity (maintenance and improvements.)
  • Any additional recommendations or commentary outside of the limits of the campaign (website changes etc.)