Refining the Campaign Ongoing

If you just setup a PPC campaign and leave it, you're guaranteed to pay maximum dollar for your visitors.

As a campaign matures the aim is to get the maximum amount of visitors for the minimum cost, in other words increase the Return on the Investment (ROI).

Increasing Your Return

By increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR) the Google ranking improves enabling a better position for the advert at a lesser bid price, therefore we work to continually improve your campaign to improve its quality.

At Potent Web we continually adjust and try different adverts and keywords to find the mix of benefits and features that appeals most to your potential visitors, typically using split testing. This is done by continually running adverts in competition with each other to test the market response, eliminating the poorer performer and creating a new advert to test.

Concentrating on the most Profitable Keywords

During the campaign, we narrow the focus onto certain keywords (based on their success) to again improve ROI. By segmenting the campaign different keywords can be treated separately rather than treating all of them in the same way.

We continually update “Negative” Keywords, as some searches prove to fail to convert to clients. We black-list these keywords so as to NOT show the advert and therefore avoid paying for these visitors.

As the advert’s click through rates improve, bid prices can often be dropped while still maintaining position. Competitors dropping in and out of the market can also change the bid prices. We monitor bid prices to make sure that you're not paying too much and your campaigns remain as profitable as possible.

Continual Monitoring and Tweaking

Google continually upgrade and hone their Adwords system, including the ranking algorithm, it is essential to also adjust / tweak the campaign accordingly to continue to maximise effectiveness.

Know what is Working

At Potent Web we also keep an eye on how your paid visitors are responding to your site. Paid clicks which never convert or leave your site after a few seconds can highlight areas which would benefit from Search Engine Optimisation.

A PPC campaign generates a mountain of statistics around cost and conversion. Done correctly, it is extremely accountable and offers valuable insights into your potential customers. By measuring conversions, you can identify the different searches of people who are just looking versus those who are ready to buy.

Get the Best Message

The massive amount of traffic available can allow you to quickly test the appeal of your messages. Instead of waiting months for a clear result, you may get results back in days or weeks. These lessons can be used to improve your website as well as other sales materials.