Establishing a Pay per Click (PPC) Campaign

1. Research

The first step in establishing any campaign is researching keywords to advertise against. This consists of gaining a good enough understanding of your business to determine what searches make sense to advertise against. At Potent Web this typically involves an interview as well as a review of your website, product & service brochures and any other marketing material.

We will also look at the top websites in your field to get some insights from their hard work. Reviewing your competitor’s websites as well as other websites that rank well for the keywords you may be bidding on.

The keyword list is refined by taking into account the amount of people searching for those keywords and the amount of advertiser competition.

2. Being Negative (for better results)

We also make note of "negative" keywords: Some keywords will be used by people that you know will not be interested in what you have to offer. You don't want to pay for their click so you make sure your advert won't show when they are searching. Typical negative keywords are "free" or "cheap".

3. Being specific

Since most businesses service only a small area you need to “Keeping it Local” and make sure you don't pay to advertise outside of your area. If you are a plumber in Melbourne it makes no sense to show an advert to someone searching for a plumber in Brisbane.

Sometimes your ads might be best limited by time and day. Professional services may not get much benefit from advertising on Saturday evening when everyone is off work.

4. Writing Effective Ads

The next step is to actually tailor the campaign adverts themselves. These are the very short adverts that appear with the link on the right in the Google Search results page. Good ads with clear benefits and features are vital to encouraging people to click through to your website.

5. Establishing the Account

Potent Web then establishes an account and campaign within the Google Adwords system.

  • Establishing daily budgets
  • Initial Keyword bids
  • Keying Advertisements
  • Establishing the initial keyword list.
  • Setting geographic restrictions (limiting the campaign to suburbs / states)

6. Getting the Results

Finally we add statistics and conversion codes to your website to capture metrics for the performance reporting.