Potent SEO

In the 1750s there was a Swedish scientist by the name of Karl Scheele. Scheele made many significant contributions to the young science of chemistry but picked up a strange habit along the way. Scheele insisted on tasting a little bit of everything he worked with.

Predictably, one day he was found deceased at his workbench surrounded by deadly chemicals.

Even though Scheele only would taste a tiny amount of any chemical sometimes those are so potent they have a huge effect.

This is why we wrote the Potent SEO guide. It is not meant to be a complete guide to SEO but simply covers the techniques which we've found have the most potently positive effect on websites. Read more...

Search Engine Optimisation

If you've ever asked the question "Am I number 1 on Google?"
you are interested in - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Below is a quick overview of SEO however if you're looking for a more detailed introduction to the subject of Search Engine Optimisation you need to read our Potent SEO guide.

How Search Engines Work

To understand Search Engine Optimisation you'll need to understand a little bit about how search engines work.

Search engines build up a picture of the Internet by going from site to site following links and gathering up text (crawling). The collected text is then analysed with secret algorithms to figure out what the page is about. When someone enters some words (known as keywords) into a search engine and hits "go," the search engine returns a list of websites that it thinks the users is looking for.

Search Engine Optimisation makes sure search engines understand exactly what your website is about so that it will send you people who are looking for exactly what you do.


Good profits

Effective SEO connects your website with the growing number of people searching online for your product or service.

Note that SEO won't translate into increased profit if your website does not help you turn a visitor into a customer. If you've worked hard to build a website which delivers exactly what customers are looking for then Search Engine Optimisation will make sure you get the maximum benfit for all your hard work.

Gets your message right

Search engines live and die by making sure that people find what they are looking for. Google's success is built on a reputation for getting better results than other search engines.

Danny Sullivan "Good HTML titles, good body copy, great content, ensuring that your site doesn't have roadblocks to crawling-these have worked for nearly a decade." - 51

With this in mind, it becomes obvious that a key part of SEO is getting great content together that people want to see. SEO gives you a framework to focus exactly on what questions and concerns your clients have.

The insights you gain will help you improve your business and all your other advertising efforts.

Potent SEO includes...

The amount of SEO work that is completed depends on the package you select.

No Roadblocks

Your site is built from the ground up with SEO in mind. This makes sure there are no "roadblocks" to search engines crawling your site.

SEO features are built into the CMS so when you edit your website, recommended Search Engine Optimisation practices are enforced.

SEO is a long term effort where every improvement incrementally builds on the one before. We have invested in reliable hosting located in Australia which adds a small boost to SEO efforts. As these improvements build on each other, the net effect becomes significant and valuable.

Great Content

Making sure there are no roadblocks is only one part of the story. You also have to include the right words on your site.

One of the most important things to a successful SEO effort is to get external links to your website. While links from directories are helpful they are easy for your competitors to get. The best links are those that nobody else has. Creating unique and useful content that others link to is the best way to get these links.

The CMS software on your website allows you to easily add such content to your site.

If you are struggling with getting the words together we can provide you with copywriting.

Regular reporting

There is nothing worse than spending a year optimising your site for keywords that no-one is searching for. Our regular website evaluation and recommendations can prevent you wasting this time.

The regular reports also highlight what terms people are using to find your search. As part of these reports we provide suggestions for SEO improvements.

The whole process can be supercharged with a well-executed Adwords campaign.

Long Term Partnership

A SEO effort is a long term undertaking. While many of our competitors are only interested in building sites, our long-term focus is well suited to effective SEO. Since many other websites owners never get around to SEO this becomes a competitive edge for you.

Part of the reason that SEO can take so long is that trust is such an important part of the optimisation process. As your website improves, search engines use various measures to figure out how much they trust your site.

The danger is many self-appointed SEO experts teach tricks which they claim can instantaneously boost your rankings. Search engines are constantly moving to neutralise these tricks and often they can lead to reduced trust and reduced rankings (even outright bans). We can help you avoid this counter-productive "advice".

Read more, on this subject

The above points are only a quick overview of SEO if you're looking for a more detailed introduction to the subject of Search Engine Optimisation you need to read our Potent SEO guide.